REM is a community network of citizens working together to improve the quality of life in Mid-Maine. REMnet is the email and Internet communication system that connects everyone and allows us to communicate so we can move our projects along and save thousands of donor dollars.

By joining REMnet, you agree to read REMnet messages and get involved in community projects when you want to and are able. REMnet messages will be sent weekly, unless an emergency or a time-sensitive matter requires more frequent communication.

To explore other types of participation in REM, please click here.

Each person joins REM as an individual and is encouraged to get involved according to his or her own passions and talents. If you are a REM Partner, Sponsor, or Consortium member, you still sign in as an individual. If your spouse and children also want to join REM, they should complete this form separately. They will each have their own membership account with their own username and password. They will sign in independently, voice their own opinions, and choose the projects in which they will engage.

Joining REM is a simple four-step process. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or call 207-873-4444 during business hours. Click here to go to Step 1.

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