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Youth Homelessness - Life Skills - Minutes for Nov 15, 2011

Minutes from Nov 15, 2011 Small Group Session

Present: Amber Welch, Cindy Manson, Bodhi Simpson, Ashalie Wark, Nancy Souza, Judy Adams

Collective brainstorming ideas
(from Oct 18 Forum):
  • Investigate programs in other communities, including international models
  • Working with educational programs with the schools
  • Include the youth in the discussion and planning

Additional collective brainstorming ideas
(from Nov 15 followup):
  • Define terms (i.e. teens, youth, homeless etc)
  • Offer pregnancy support/training
  • Connecting resources/life skills training to schools
  • Importance of mentors
  • TIP Model
  • ANSELL CASEY life skills

Initiative: Develop a Program of Life Skills Training
Vision: To work with the educational and employment sectors in our community to provide individualized, basic, survival and life skills to the homeless youth.

  • Need to establish/define language: what ARE the “basic” skills needed to teach?
  • Offer basic care relationships
  • Connect with education and employment- skill training for entering/re-entering school versus preparing for entering into the workforce
  • Importance of establishing trust and maintaining a constant contact from mentor
  • Skills training needs to be appropriate for youth and teens
  • Consolidation of resources already available: clearing house
  • Problem of logistics: who are these mentors, connecting with the youth, to adequately establish the best set of “skills” needed?
  • Connecting with mentor programs already in existence
  • Expressed concerns: training of mentors, where are they found
  • Problem of training mentors could be addressed by connecting with Kelly Support Training of mentors
  • Consolidating and elaborating upon programs already available
  • Developing self advocacy skills
  • Need to involve: Tony Veit, Tom McNeil, reps from Teen shelters in Maine/New England(?), rep from Preble Street

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