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Youth Homelessness Forum -
Clearing House Team

***Click for Resources for Youth Homelessness Studies***

Vision: Our youth have safe places to live, food to eat and all the services they deserve.

Collective brainstorming ideas
(from Oct 18, 2011 Forum):

  • Investigate programs in other communities, including international models
  • Train mentors, including those who have gone through the experience of being homeless and have meeting spaces available at this site.
  • Provide family support and intervention and include at the site a process for connecting to that support.
  • Base a crisis type hotline for certain resources
  • Develop and provide transitional housing, food and clothing
  • Include the youth in the discussion and planning
  • Expand High Fidelity Wrap with homeless and shelter
  • Establish a common language process and database
  • Identify places for youth that are not eligible for existing programs
  • Provide legal advocacy/representation to tackle emancipation/guardianship questions
Team from Nov 15 followup meeting:

Minutes from Clearing House Sub-Committee
Meeting May 8, 2012 from 8:00AM-9:30AM
In attendance: Brandi Farrington, Rob Rogers, Connie Napolitano, Sharon Abrams, Lauren Sterling, Michelle Prince

Prioritized Areas of Need:

  • Host Families.
  • Partnering with Education Committee for marketing of current service options.
Follow-up on action steps from last meeting:
  • Lauren did contact Susan and meeting is scheduled.
  • Lauren spoke to Pinnacle and will update at DC5; will be putting a proposal together for a skill building “match dot com”. It builds upon YETE. We will need to provide them with the content to be on the site. Youth Matter staff are working on this. Can also host an excel local resource list.
  • Lauren will let us know when she hears regarding federal homeless grant from Chellie Pingree.
  • Lauren did not send out list to DC5 as she was waiting to get list from Homeless Youth Forum.
  • Betty not present; will need to get updates.
  • Brandi will continue to contact Jeanne regarding trying to access resource list.
Should we look at meeting at a different location so that Mike could call in; Sharon offered to hold meeting at MCH as they have teleconference.

Confirmed with Mike meeting with Interfaith Council on May 16th from 12-1 at Methodist Church on Pleasant Street. Connect the dots with DC5 and the connection with the Faith Groups.

Communities Partnerships for Protecting of Children; DHHS is funding this is District 1 and some funding out of Bangor. Biddeford and Aroostook are trying to do this with no funding. Mayor Karen Heck has been looking into this as well. This is a diversion effort to keep families out of DHHS system. Educare is going after a state-wide grant to offer early childhood grant working with “at-risk” families similar to that of SPARK (Support Parents and Raising Kids) done by KVCAP in years past. Will look at collapsing the 8 districts in the state into 4 and funding coordinators for each of the 4 service areas. There will be a project coordinator for the whole project.

Next Steps:

  • Brandi to connect with Gary and Alayna about their attendance at the Interfaith Meeting.
  • Brandi got list of resources from Jeanne Tondreau but did not have the list with updates. Will need to send it out again and ask for updates.
  • Identify youth related resources out of the KVCAP Transition Guide will be done by Michelle Prince and send it to Yvonne Ballenbacher.
  • Lauren will ask Pam Matos will get Local Resources list and send to Yvonne.
  • Betty not present; will try to get updates from her on her 2 action steps.
  • Next big meeting is May 22nd at 8:00 at REM.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 8:00am-9:30am @ Sharon's office at Maine Children’s Home

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