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Youth Homelessness Forum -
Education Team

Vision: Our people are well informed of the issues around and realities of youth homelessness in our community.

Next Meeting:
Mar 1 meeting postponed. New date will be posted here when confirmed.
United Way Office at 105 KMD.

Collective brainstorming ideas
(from Oct 18 Forum):
  • Working for policy changes at local, state and federal level
  • Addressing problems of youth homelessness beyond Waterville
  • Establishing a common language program

Mid-Maine Youth Homelessness - Education
Sub-committee Minutes
February 2, 2012
Present: Paula Callan, Tina Chapman, Tracey Frost, Andrea Fischang


  • We reviewed our PDCA plan. Paula is still trying to recruit some students to work on the documentary film. She has met with the Visual Media instructor who is willing to lend his support with this project. Andrea mentioned that perhaps her daughter, Alison, may be interested in helping out.
  • Tina explained that her intern did not show up as planned. Therefore, a survey has not been created.
  • Community Impact Committee has proposed that there be mini grants available to local school districts to use to help out those students who are homeless. Paula mentioned as an example the backpack project which is filling backpacks on Fridays with food and necessities for the weekend and then handing them out to those students in need.
  • We think it is very important to reconvene the large group again or at least the chair people of each of the sub committees to see where they are in their action plans.
  • We also thought that it might be a good idea to contact with the staff at either Preble Street (in Portland) or Shaw House (in Bangor) to dialogue about their movement to get shelters and assistance in their respective areas. This could be done either in a large group setting or we, members of the Education sub committee would be willing to meet with them in a smaller setting.

Link to PDCA document

Next meeting: March 1, 2012 at 8:00 AM
United Way Office on KMD

Links to minutes from previous meetings:
Minutes of Jan 5, 2012 meeting
  • Goal is to increase awareness around homelessness
  • How to measure our success with increasing people’s awareness?
  • Defining homeless vs. couch surfing
  • Key people in our community
  • Plan of Action - PDCA
  • Documentary film
  • Survey
  • Protocol to receive donated items

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