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Empower Young People

Questions and Answers about Friends Camp

By Nat Shed

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This is the time of year when people ask me questions about Friends Camp. So, please let me share with you some of the questions that I get from parents.

What is new at Friends Camp?

We now have new building for our drama camps: we have recently purchased the St. Peter's Catholic Chapel and are renovating it into a theater, library, and game room. We also have three new outdoor experience camps for young people who wish to canoe, hike, and learn camping skills.

What is the right age to send a child to overnight camp?

To give you the best idea of when your child is ready to go to overnight camp; you need to observe how she or he does during an overnight visit. Then ask yourself, "How well does my child adjust to new situations like day care or a new school, or day camp?" Please remember that some children need a more that a little encouragement to take the big step toward attending an overnight camp, so to make this step easier, consider visiting the camp the summer before or in the spring.

We are not Quakers. Would our child be welcome at Friends Camp?

We welcome all youth at Friends Camp. Quakers have a long history of offering excellent Quaker camps and schools to the wider public. The majority of youth who attend Friends Camp come from other faiths and from families with no formal religious connections. Quakers teach tolerance and respect of all faiths and Quaker camps offer a values-centered environment based on equality, truth, simplicity, community, harmony, and peace.

What do Quakers believe?

Simply put, Quakers believe that there is something of God in every person. We often refer to God as the Light within everyone. Quaker worship is a time of silent waiting for the Inner Spirit to offer guidance.

What makes Friends Camp unique?

We offer a wonderful blend of creative activities and zany fun in a very caring and loving community. At Friends Camp, we want the campers have ownership in running the camp by establishing rules for their cabin, speaking at a daily community meeting, working together to keep the camp clean, and having the opportunity to share from the heart about important parts of their lives.

If you have your own questions, please take a look at our web site or call our winter office at 873-3499.

Editor's Note: Nat Shed is the director of Friends Camp.